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OT: Girl Scouts Cookies

Dear Readers!

My daughter's troop is selling cookies this year to donate 20% of the earnings to My New Red Shoes Charity which provides shoes for homeless children.

New Gluten Free Toffee Tastic Cookie can be ordered online only! (very limited availability for booth sales)

And place your order through my daughter's digital cookie page!

One more New Variety - Rah Rah Raisins - tastes like healthy oatmeal & raisin cookie!

Thank You for Your Support!

Fashion updates are coming soon!

In Suri's Closet: Les Princes (IT)

Suri Cruise was wearing Pink Lace Sweatshirt and matching Leggings from FW14 collection by Italian brand Les Princes, while on a charitable visit to LA Children's Hospital in December 2014.

December 2014: Suri celebrated New Years at Disney!

Suri Cruise celebrated New Years with Katie and her friends at Disneyland, CA on December 31st 2014.

note: looking for denim jacket id.. pls, leave a comment.

December 2014: Suri's Pink Christmas Tree and Wish List

Katie shared this image with her instagram followers! on the right is Suri's PINK Christmas Tree, which she picked herself earlier at Target, decorated with Hello Kitty ornaments!

in a recent interview Katie talked about Suri's Christmas List:

"We are getting ready for Christmas in my house," the Miss Meadows actress, told DeGeneres. "My daughter's 8 years old, and she already has her Christmas list ready. It's written out. She's very organized."
"She's practical, she's just very specific," Holmes replied. Pressed for an example, Katie said, "Like, 'I want a puppy, and then I want a pink collar that has sparkles on it that says the puppy's name. Then I want shoes for the dog...Then I want a purple clip.' Like, it's all very detailed."

reported by us magazine

Holidays: American Girl Dolls favored by Suri on SALE Now!

Just in time for Christmas! Get a new doll for your little Princess - MYAG Dolls on sale with cozy pink pajamas!
+plus guaranteed Christmas delivery!

HURRY! sign up here first ZULILY and use this link to shop - MYAG Sale

Approved and favored by Suri Cruise:

December 2014: Suri arrives to JFK

Suri Cruise spotted arriving to JFK airport in NYC on Monday, December 8th 2014.

note: any ideas on the jacket id?

reported by dailymail

November 2014: Suri arrives to a BP

Suri Cruise and a friend spotted arriving to a Birthday Party in LA on November 29th 2014.

Girls were wearing coordinated looks with white dresses and pink shoes - cute!

Suri was wearing Pink Loafers by Venettini.

November 2014: Suri out in LA

Suri Cruise spotted out & about in LA on November 29th 2014.

that jumpsuit though.. left me wondering if the world needs to know who made it or better not.

November 2014: Suri shops at Target

Suri Cruise and a friend were spotted stocking up on Christmas decorations at Target on November 25th 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.